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The Loveliest of All was the Froggicorn

Some of you will know that for the last eight months or so I have been almost-but-not-quite-officially going ahead with the illustrations for a children’s book about a froggicorn! In fact, it’s been on the back burner for years, but for many reasons – not least the fact that I wanted to devote a considerable amount of time to it – the project hasn’t been able to get properly under way until now.

The Loveliest of All

The story, entitled ‘The Loveliest of All was the Froggicorn,’ was written by Kay Green of Circaidy Gregory Press some years ago, but has never been published until now.  I’m incredibly excited to be illustrating it, partly because it’s a perfectly formed and very appealing story and partly because it features a whole variety of mythical beings, so illustrating it really is a fantasy artist’s dream!

Early sketches
Early sketches

We’re planning to release the book by September 2015, so it will be my main project for the next year and a bit.  I want to illustrate it lavishly, so there’s a lot to do!